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Mauritania: Successful Round Table on Quality Education

published 10 January 2013 updated 11 January 2013

Quality education was the theme of a round table organised by EI in Nouakchott, Mauritania, from 3-5 January. Under the theme, ‘For More Quality Education in Mauritania’, EI’s four affiliates - SNEM, SNEP, SNES and SNEF – considered and discussed a joint strategy for improving Mauritanian education.

Speaking in the presence of the General Inspector of National Education at the opening of the Round Table, EI representative Agnès Bréda said: “You are campaigning here in Mauritania for Quality Public Education for All because you are teacher-trade unionists who firmly believe that the future of a democratic country can only be built with an educated population, and with citizens who are informed and responsible. This round table is the starting point for the cooperation that EI wishes to establish in order to support your action, set firmly within the framework of trade union unity.”

Coordinating body set up

The discussions proved fruitful and resulted in the setting up of a coordinating body of the EI trade unions called the COSMAFINED. This new trade union body will liaise with the National Education authorities in order to improve the education system and the situation of teachers in Mauritania.

In the meeting’s final declaration, the trade unions also welcomed the role played by EI in strengthening the capacity of its members to defend the right of all children to quality education.

Partnership and solidarity

The unions reasserted their commitment to defending quality public education for all Mauritian children, and to creating the foundations of a genuine partnership with the Ministry of National Education for the good management of the country’s education system.

They also expressed their solidarity with the struggle by education unions for the right to education and trade union rights in Bahrain, Tunisia, the countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and in every country in the world.

Exchanging experiences

The meeting was also attended by Marième Sakho, General Secretary of SYPROS from Senegal, and Aziz Mountassir, International Secretary of the SNE/FDT Morocco, both members of the EI Executive Board. They took part in the round table, contributing their experience as trade unionists in Mauritania’s neighbouring countries and as members of the EI Executive Board.

Read the full declaration here(in French).