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South Africa: Government must endorse UN policy on human rights

published 17 March 2011 updated 11 April 2011

EI and its national affiliates, SADTU, NAPTO, and SAOU, are urging the Government of South African to sign up to the joint statement on ending violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The statement which calls for existing and acknowledged human rights standards to apply to all human beings, should be issued by the UN Human Rights Council on 21 March.

All UN member states have been asked to endorse the statement by no later than 18 March. To date, 58 member states have already given their support.

Given the National Constitution’s commitment to uphold lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) peoples’ rights, the failure of the Government of South Africa to endorse the statement has concerned EI and its affiliates, as has the perceived attitude of the governmental representative, who has not only refused to sign the statement but has actively campaigned against it.

Teacher unionists welcome the urgent call for South Africa’s endorsement of the joint statement by African organisations and individuals.

Since 2006, EI has championed UN statements fighting all forms of discrimination. EI and Public Service International will be organising their third joint LGBT Forum, the first of its kind in the African Region, ahead of EI’s sixth World Congress which will be held in Cape Town, from 22-26 July, 2011.