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EI shows support for HIV-positive teachers at the Francophone Conference on HIV/AIDS in Casablanca

published 6 April 2010 updated 6 April 2010

The 5th Francophone Conference on HIV/AIDS took place recently in Casablanca from 28-31 Mar with more than a thousand participants from 40 countries.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss the political and economic dimensions of the AIDS epidemic, exchange information on medical know-how, anti-epidemic practices and social impact of the disease, as well as discover the latest innovative ideas in prevention and care.

EI representatives attended this event and displayed its work on HIV/AIDS prevention in a presentation session.

Entitled "Live and teach with HIV", the presentation attracted the interest of many participants. The occasion allowed EI to publicise what the teacher union movement is doing to support teachers living with HIV, to help them continue exercising their profession in an environment free from discrimination.

This conference took place at a crucial moment this year, as 2010 is the deadline for the universal access to the HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care, as decided by UN member states in 2006.

It is clear that we are far from reaching this objective as each day passes by with 7000 new infections worldwide and only 30% of them will receive anti-retroviral treatment.

EI co-ordinates an Education For All and HIV-AIDS Prevention Programme (EFAIDS) together with the World Health Organisation and the Education Development Center. The aim of the programme is to limit the impact of AIDS in the education sector through sensitisation and education in the school setting. So far, 80 member organisations in 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean are taking part in the programme.