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Teacher trade unionists missing after Haiti disaster

published 15 January 2010 updated 15 January 2010

Following Tuesday's devastating earthquake in Haiti, EI is trying to establish contact with the colleagues of its national affiliate, the Confédération National des Enseignants d’Haïti (CNEH). While EI has received news of some colleagues, others are still unreachable. Any assistance in establishing communication with them would be greatly appreciated.

We have news from Jean Lavaud, General Secretary, and Magalie Georges, Training and Education Coordinator. Jean is well, and Magalie, though severly injured, is in hospital and her condition is stable.

On the other hand, we have not been able to contact Andre Jolibois (Deputy General Secretary), Lourdes Joseph (Finance Coordinator) or Frisner Orelien (President of Federation Gonaives).

If you have any information about their whereabouts and state of health, please contact: Nicolás Richards, Senior Coordinator Solidarity and Development (nicolas.richards@ei-ie.org) or Virginia Albert, Coordinator, North America-Caribbean Regional Office (virgina.albert@ei-ie.org)