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Over one hundred trained in EFAIDS Workshops in St Vincent & the Grenadines

published 1 July 2009 updated 1 July 2009

Training for both teachers and the wider community has been the focus of the EFAIDS Programme of the St Vincent and Grenadines Teacher Union in recent months. Master trainers Oswald Robinson, Gloria Endeavour and Rudolph Roberts coordinated the training sessions and reached over one hundred people.

A first workshop held in Biabou brought together teachers of the South Windward, Central Windward and Marriaqua Branches of the union. Representatives of the Youth Empowervment Service in the Youth Affairs Department also took part, bringing to 27 the number of participants trained. Topics covered included ‘Building a Gender Friendly School Environment’ and ‘Stigma and Discrimination as it relates to HIV and AIDS’ and how to involve people living with HIV and AIDS.

A subsequent workshop held in Union Island included community members alongside teachers with a total of fifty-five participants attending. If covered basic information on HIV and AIDS, and subsequently discussed ways to overcome related stigma and discrimination.

Bringing together teachers from South Leeward, West and East Kingston the third workshop brought together 22 teachers to learn more about HIV and AIDS issues and understand how to promote a gender friendly school environment.

Participating teachers were mainly Health and Family Life Education teachers, and will bring the new skills gained from the workshop into their classes.

Visit the EFAIDS website for more on the EFAIDS Programme in St Vincent.