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Children severely affected by China’s earthquake

published 13 May 2008 updated 13 May 2008

Education International expresses its deep sympathy with the victims of the massive earthquake that struck China on Monday at 14:28 local time with a magnitude of 7.9.

Chinese authorities put the death toll at 12 000 in the worst affected province of Sichuan. Thousands more have been trapped in the rubble of collapsed schools, factories, hospitals and homes.

Children are among the main victims as they were gathered in schools when the quake struck. EI is shocked to learn that 900 students have been buried under a three-storey school in Dujiangyan city.

According to reports, eight other schools, a hospital and a chemical plant also collapsed in this area.

The relief efforts from the government are reported to be enormous and rapid. The full extent of the disaster is still being assessed including the impact on children, teachers and schools.

EI is following very closely the situation in the country and the impact of the disaster on the education system.