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Campaign website on Staff and Student Mobility launched at the Higher Education and Research Standing Committee Meeting in Dubrovnik

published 5 March 2008 updated 5 March 2008

EI's European committee in higher education and research (HERSC) met on 28-29 Feb in Dubrovnik, Croatia, to follow up on the outcomes of the EI International Higher Education and Research Conference held in Malaga last November, as well as discuss the current developments in the Bologna Process.

EI is highly committed to the discussion regarding the future of the Bologna Process after 2010 and part of this meeting was devoted to this issue. Other topics discussed were academic freedom, climate change, researchers careers and matters relating to European Union work in the area of higher education and research.

The committee also assessed the work undertaken by EI for the joint campaign on Staff and Student Mobility, with the European Students' Union (ESU). The campaign's website was officially launched in the presence of the State Secretary for Science of Croatia, Dr Draÿen Vikiÿ-Topiÿ. The site will include an interactive wiki section where students and staff can exchange knowledge and mobility experiences, a flash game and an online petition. A "Mobility Barometer" is also under construction to assess progress made.

To preview the site, please visit www.letsgocampaign.net.

For more information about the HERSC meeting, please click on the link below.