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On World Teachers' Day, Barometer highlights teachers' rights, education quality

published 5 October 2007 updated 5 October 2007

On World Teachers' Day and all year round, Education International's latest Barometer of Human and Trade Union Rights provides objective and insightful analysis of the quality of education and the respect for human and trade union rights around the world.

"The Barometer has useful information about educational opportunities in all of the countries recognized by the United Nations – both rich and poor," EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen told journalists and trade unionists at a news conference in Madrid to mark World Teachers' Day.

Speaking alongside José Campos, General Secretary of F.E.CC.OO, and Carlos López Cortiñas, General Secretary of FETE-UGT, van Leeuwen illustrated how statistics contained in the Barometer allow international comparisons of factors such as enrolment rates for boys and girls, graduation rates, participation in higher education, and privatisation of education at all levels.

"On World Teachers' Day we are highlighting how improvements to teachers' working conditions mean improvements to students' learning conditions," van Leeuwen said.

The 2007 edition of the Barometer, with its online data base, is a valuable tool for educators, scholars, students, parents, and everyone who cares about the fundamental right to quality education for every child. See: www.ei-ie.org/barometer