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Trinidad and Tobago: Teachers celebrate pay settlement

published 24 September 2007 updated 4 March 2022

Members of EI affiliate the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers' Association (TTUA) are celebrating after their demand for a 100 per cent pay adjustment for teachers was met.

In a symbolic act of relief, president of the TTUTA, Clyde Permell, cut off his red protest wrist band, which he had been wearing since negotiations began, to signal that the teachers row over wages had been settled.

TTUTA president Clyde Permell cuts off his red protest wrist-bandPhoto: Roberto Codallo

Declaring that "a weight has been lifted" from his shoulders and that of their members, Permell announced that the union and Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) had finally arrived at a settlement regarding wage negotiations for the period 2005-2008.

Permell made the announcement as he addressed supporters following a march through the streets of the capital city by several labour movements currently engaged in wage negotiations.

Prompting loud cheers as he said that the CPO had agreed to the union's demands for a 100 per cent adjustment for teachers in Grades 3 and 4, a category in which the majority of teachers fall, Permell said principals and vice-principals would also begin receiving a $500 travelling allowance.

Permell also warned teachers that although their struggles had paid off, they would still be required to lend their support to the rest of their comrades involved in the trade union fight, and must be ready to support any call to highlight the cause for just wages and fair working conditions.