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Congress Newsflash: Breakout Session on OECD and UNESCO policies and research - Help or Hindrance?

published 26 June 2007 updated 26 June 2007

On 23rd July, participants to the 5th EI World Congress will be treated to a choice of 44 different breakout sessions. One of which will focus on "OECD and UNESCO policies and research: Help or hindrance to quality education?".

The session will be held from 09:00-10:30 and chaired by Dr Ludwig Eckinger, President of the Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE). Speakers include Michael Davidson, Senior Officer on TALIS at the Organsation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and Georges Haddad, Director of Division Higher Education at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

The session will begin with two brief introductory presentations on the role of both organisations in shaping education policies around the world as well as their policies with regard to the issue of education, showing both similarities and differences in their positions and approach.

This will be followed by an outline of their current work and relationship with EI.

A general discussion will then follow on the impact of their work on education at both national and school levels.

The aim of the session is to strengthen the involvement of education unions in and their awareness of the work done on education by these two intergovenmental organisations.

If you are a congress participant and would like to sign up for the session, please log on to your participant account today!

For more information, please visit: www.ei-ie.org/congress5