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Iran: release of a few arrested teachers

published 4 April 2007 updated 4 April 2007

A few of the 300 teachers arrested during a demonstration on 14 March for better pay and working conditions have been released.

The Kanooneh Senfiyeh Moallemaneh Iran - Teachers' Trade Association of Iran - reported on their website on 29 March that some of their leaders and members have been released from prison. They are: leader Ali Akbar Baghani, spokesperson Beheshti, and members Ghashghavi, Kamali and Bodaghi.

Alireza Hashemi, Superintendent of the Sazmaneh Moallemaneh Iran - Association of Iranian Teachers - and two of their members, Akbari and Davari, are still in prison.

The EI Executive Board, which met recently in Berlin on 28 March, adopted a motion on Iran. The motion affirms EI's support of the Iranian teachers and their unions in their struggle to achieve decent pay and working conditions through negotiations and dialogue with their government.

EI has no member organisation in Iran but is in contact with the Iranian Co-ordinated Council of Cultural Workers Association which includes over 30 teacher associations in the country.