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Education International

EI at the 95th International Labour Conference

published 30 May 2006 updated 30 May 2006

This year, Education International will once again be present at the 95th International Labour Conference (ILC) which will open on 31 May in Geneva. The Conference is the annual tripartite meeting of the International Labour Organisation's 178 member states.

3000 representatives from national governments, trade union centres and employers' federations will review each country's application of international labour standards.

On 9 June, EI will participate in the plenary discussion of the Global Report on Child Labour. This second ILO report on child labour, "The end of Child Labour: Within reach", highlights the relevance of education in the fight against child labour. Poverty reduction strategies, Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), and the Education For All (EFA) initiative are identified as the main frameworks within which the strategies of using education to eliminate child labour should be developed. Interestingly, the link between child labour, EFA and HIV/AIDS is stressed as an emerging issue for the future. In the discussion about education as a key instrument to prevent child labour, EI will insist that:

  • Quality education needs to be provided by well-trained and well-supported teachers;
  • Education should be free and welcoming for all children;
  • Education is a public service and should not be handed over to private interests and enterprises.

On 8 June, the EI General Secretary will present a keynote speech as guest of honour.