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Canada: National Day Against Homophobia - New teacher resource aims to nurture better understanding of BGLTT students

published 18 May 2006 updated 18 May 2006

EI affiliate, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF), is pleased to release on this National Day Against Homophobia, 17 May, "The Gay-Straight Student Alliance Handbook", the latest in a series of publications aiming to help teachers, school administrators and counselors in understanding the educational, health and safety needs of bisexual, gay, lesbian, trans-identified and two-spirited (BGLTT) students.

"Gay-Straight" continues the work of two previous teacher resources published in recent years by the Canadian teachers’ body - "Seeing the Rainbow" (2002) produced in co-operation with the "Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario" (ETFO) and "Lessons Learned: A Collection of Stories and Articles About Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Issues" which was released in 2005. "The Gay - Straight Alliance Handbook is yet another tool to assist students, teachers and administrators in confronting and breaking down the barriers to a free and open society where it is accepted and understood that our majority is a compilation of our minorities," explains CTF President Winston Carter.

"In recent years, education has been the catalyst, the driving force that has moved the gay rights movement forward and allowed our governments and society to repeal archaic laws and embrace our future generation of young people."

"We hope this handbook will provide our students with the necessary strategies to help build confidence in their sexuality, share their experiences with others and help move towards a more accepting and responsive society," he concludes.

All three publications are available for purchase online on the CTF Web site at $15 per copy.

Fore more information, please contact the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF).