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Democratic Republic of Congo: EI affiliate demands that government fulfills commitments

published 26 January 2006 updated 6 June 2018

On 21 January 2006, EI affiliate, the Teachers’ Union of the Democratic Republic of Congo (SY.E.CO) held a General Assembly Meeting to assess the promises made to teachers in the last few months.

Given the government’s failure to implement the Mbudi agreements, signed in February 2004, and to fulfil its commitments made to teachers last October, both unions have once again asked all public education teachers, in primary and secondary education and vocational training, to go on strike as from 30 January 2006. A previous strike held in September and part of October 2005 was suspended in mid-October following the government’s commitment to find a solution to the teachers’ wage situation and its promise to associate teachers to the drafting of the education budget. The education union’s demands include, among others, the regular payment of teachers’ and inspectors’ wages, the creation of a Fund for the promotion of education and the provision of computer material for teachers both in Kinshasa and in the provinces. EI has expressed support to SY.E.CO, whose claims are aimed at ensuring quality public education for all in the Democratic Republic of Congo.