Teacher self-efficacy, voice and leadership

published 29 February 2012 updated 10 January 2022
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The study Teacher Self-efficacy, Voice and Leadership, commissioned by Education International Research Institute, comes at the time when teaching profession is increasingly facing pressures from society and policy makers and we need to reaffirm the role and potential of teachers in leading educational change.

This study in particular draws on a range of recent research on teachers’ self-efficacy and confidence as well as the conceptual work already undertaken within the International Teacher Leadership project.

The research was undertaken by the Leadership for Learning group at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education in collaboration with the International Teacher Leadership project directed by David Frost. The purpose of the research was to produce data about the current environment and existing opportunities for teachers to:

  • exercise leadership,
  • influence policy,
  • shape professional practice, and
  • build professional knowledge.

The research also sought to identify the nature and potential links with teachers in other schools and with the wider community.