Wertebotschafter an Schulen (value ambassadors in schools)

Publié 22 novembre 2019 Mis à jour 22 novembre 2019

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Host organizations
German Dreams
Cooperating organizations
German Dreams
Start date
22 novembre 2019
End date
26 avril 2021
Human and Trade Union Rights;Migrant Rights;Racism and Xenophobia;

Cross-party, value-oriented and future-oriented - with these parameters we propagate the “German Dream” to the young generations of our country. We want to pick up students nationwide and make them believe in the future so that they become “German Dreamer”. But without a free, tolerant and pluralistic social order there is no dreaming.

That is why we go with value ambassadors in schools all over Germany to talk to young people about obstacles, opportunities, fears and hopes. Our messages of value come from all corners of society: from civil society, entertainment, politics or business. They are personalities who did not allow the “German Dream” to be talked out of and thus act as contemporary witnesses of the liberal-democratic basic order. In value dialogues, they engage in an exchange with students and talk about their own experiences and lessons.


GermanDream promotes intergenerational dialogue to convey the values


see point 11 and 12