Brochures / Leaflets Publication and Distribution

publicado 25 abril 2019 actualizado 25 abril 2019
Host organizations
Sierra Leone Teachers’ Union (SLTU)
Cooperating organizations
CTF/FCE member organizations
Sierra Leone
Start date
25 abril 2019
End date
31 diciembre 2019
Communication;Gender;Quality Teaching;Union unity;

The activity will allow the SLTU to engage in the publication and distribution of shorter pieces of literature with specific, targeted content, and a quick turn-around time. The activity will allow the SLTU to provide members with information that is timely, relevant, current, useful, and easy to understand. The activity will be done in various stages, including: writing and/or collecting content; selecting and editing content; publishing; printing of 5,500 copies (at a cost of 2,000 SLL each); distribution of 5,500 copies to the regions (1,000 per region, with the remaining 1,500 housed at the National Office); distribution of these copies at local events, and to visitors to the regional, district or branch offices.


Through the publishing and distributing of the leaflets and brochures, the SLTU will be better able to: - Continue open communications with members throughout the country; - Establish positive long-term relationships with members; - Disseminate information about services provided by the SLTU; - Advertise the benefits of the SLTU membership; - Provide members with updates about upcoming events and activities organized by the SLTU; - Build interest in the union and foster commitment to the profession; - Share ideas and information related to teaching and learning strategies; - Promote gender equality, the empowerment of girls and women, and women’s leadership within the profession and the union; - Invite members to contact the SLTU representatives at the local level with questions, comments, concerns, or requests for support; - Provide members with information about or from the MEST, the TSC, or other organizations working in the field of education.


Publication of documents