Proyectos de cooperación

Proyectos de cooperación en curso

  1. Haití

    Location d'un local pour les syndicats de Haïti

    2020 - 2022
    Location d'un local pour des syndicats haïtiens.
  2. Kenia, Tanzania, Malawi

    Quality early childhood education and decent working conditions for ECE teachers on the African continent

    2022 - 2025
    The project seeks mainly the mobilisation and recruitment of ECE personnel into teacher union in view of fighting for their labour rights and improving their professional standards.
  3. Zimbabwe

    Promoting social dialogue to eradicate child labour and strengthen quality education provisions in Zimbabwe

    2021 - 2023
    Following the successful implementation of a project against child labour in Chipinge (Manicaland province) in 2015-2020, ZIMTA and PTUZ are developing a child labour free zone in the Muzabani district (Mashonaland Central province).
  4. India

    PEACE India Project: Support for children in cotton plantation

    2019 - 2023
    ACE launched the PEACE India Project in 2010 to withdraw children from hazardous labour and support their enrolment in school, in partnership with local NGO SPEED (Society for People’s Economic & Educational Development). JTU has supported this project since 2010. The project' cycle is 5 years and relocate to other...
  5. Haití

    Programme d’actions d’urgence en faveur des enseignant.e.s, membres et dirigeant.e.s des syndicats affiliés de l’IE en Haïti

    Formation des enseignantes et enseignants à l’utilisation des outils de pilotage de l’enseignement apprentissage à distance.
  6. Chad

    Aide à la publication du bulletin syndical

    2019 - 2020
    Aide financière à la publication du bulletin syndical.