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Indonesia: education union demands payment of teacher profession allowance

published 10 July 2015 updated 13 July 2015

The Teachers' Association of the Republic of Indonesia (PGRI) has asked the Government and local authorities to immediately pay the teacher profession allowance, which has been both reduced and withheld altogether is come circumstances.

Funds are already available, and teachers to be paid are clearly identified, so the teacher profession allowance must be immediately granted to the teachers,” insisted the The Teachers' Association of the Republic of Indonesia (PGRI) President M. Sulistiyo.

The PGRI received many complaints indicating that this year’s payment of the allowance is worse than in previous years, regretted Sulistiyo. Many of the problems are related to the number of teaching hours, the teachers’ deployment or the number of students,” he noted.

He also denounced as “inhumane” the fact that teachers who get sick only for one day see their future allowance not being paid.

“I also know of an elementary school teacher teaching in a remote area, in a school with ??less than 20 students, who got its allowance denied. Who would like to teach in remote areas?” Sulistiyo said.

Public authorities need to find solutions to this problem, rather than adding obstacles and complicating teachers’ lives, he said.