Health crisis forces Higher Ed Conference to relocate

published 19 August 2014 updated 22 August 2014

With the Ebola virus spreading sickness and fear throughout Western Africa, the president of Ghana has cancelled all international events, forcing November’s Higher Education and Research Conference to find a new host.

The risks were deemed too high for Ghana to open its doors to visitors from around the world, leaving organisers of Education International’s (EI) 9th edition of its Higher Education and Research Conference to abandon their plans and search for a new venue.

Originally set for Accra, the home of EI’s Africa Regional Office, between the 10th to the 12th November, the conference will now likely be moved to an alternative location in Europe.

The EI secretariat asks that participants continue to hold the original dates as efforts are underway to find a suitable city on the same days. In the meantime, all hotel bookings will be cancelled and deposits refunded.