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Indonesia: Union maintains pressure for quality education

published 7 May 2014 updated 7 May 2014

The Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia (PGRI), one of EI’s national affiliates, has sent a letter to the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, acknowledging progress made in ensuring quality education and good training for teachers, and requesting it to continue efforts in the same direction.

“PGRI wishes to express gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in order to promote National Education and give enough attention both to the teachers’ quality and welfare,” writes PGRI President Dr. H. Sulistiyo, in his letter to the Education Minister, Muhammad Nuh, dated 29 April.

Government awareness

He also says that his union hopes that the Government, through the Ministry of Education and Culture, will take heed of the need for every citizen to have access to quality and affordable education.

This, according to the union, implies: improving the quality of learning and educational infrastructures, as well as teachers’ professionalism, welfare and protection; providing opportunities for girls to get an equal education at all levels and for women teachers to become school principals and improve their self-development openly; and Government collaboration with PGRI as a teachers’ union, especially to shape important policy about teachers.

EI: Quality education a vital message

“We commend our colleagues in Indonesia for their advocacy work aiming to ensure access for all children to qualified teachers and quality education,” said EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen. “This is exactly the message EI, supported by its affiliates, is spreading globally via the UNITE campaign.”