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Portugal: Trade unions’ role in defining and delivering quality education, FNE-CEDEFOP study-visit on the role of social dialogue

published 23 April 2014 updated 23 April 2014

ETUCE affiliates from Portugal - FNE (Federação Nacional da Educação) in cooperation with CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Education and Training) organised a study-visit in Porto (PT) from 24 to 28 March 2014, as part of the EI/ETUCE Campaign Unite for Quality Education.

15 education experts from 13 European countries gathered to discuss the topic of “Social dialogue in the definition and implementation of knowledge, skills and competences”. During the four days, participants had the opportunity to visit companies, colleges, research centres and schools with the aim to learn about the Portuguese experience and share their visions regarding social dialogue and at national level.

Portugal experienced a national financial collapse in 2011, and was the third Euro-zone country to receive a bail-out. In July and August 2011, the new Portuguese government announced cuts on state spending and an increase of austerity measures. According to FNE, the cuts seriously affected the functioning schools, the quality of education and the social support to students and their respective families.

The aim of this action organised by FNE and CEDEFOP was to promote the culture of peer learning, observation, and mutual learning based on the sharing of experiences. Moreover the study visit sought to encourage a discussion about education and how to develop quality approaches, transparency of education and training systems.