Call for applications for teaching excellence award

published 16 December 2013 updated 17 December 2013

The Central European University (CEU) is calling for applications for its third annual European Award for excellence in teaching in the social sciences and humanities. The award, launched in 2011 to mark the CEU’s 20th anniversary, is the first and only such pan-European honour and is accompanied by a €5,000 prize.

The award is intended to highlight the importance of teaching in higher education and to honour excellent teaching by faculty members at institutions in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Since its inception, candidates from more than 15 European countries have applied or have been nominated for the award. The award is funded by a gift from an anonymous donor to CEU.

With both teaching and research at the core of its mission, CEU is committed to promoting excellence in teaching and the advancement of the social sciences and humanities. The European Award for Excellence in Teaching underscores this commitment, and it aims further to contribute to recent efforts in higher education on a European level that focus on the importance of teaching and learning.

Time for teaching to be recognised

Research-related activities and achievements have attracted particular attention and recognition, as illustrated by the creation of European funding programmes and awards for research. This emphasis has been particularly noticeable in the social sciences and humanities. It was also reflected in the absence, for the most part, of major systematic initiatives at the European level to recognise the value of teaching.

Recently, however, there have been strong indications that policy makers in Europe are acknowledging that, in conjunction with research, teaching in support of student inquiry and problem-solving within and across disciplines, general education, and professional training at the higher education level have an important role to play in a “knowledge society”.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 20 January 2014, and the selection process will be completed by June 2014.

EI: CEU to be commended

“We commend CEU for generating this award focused on quality teaching and learning at higher education level,” said EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen.

For detailed information about this award, please click here, or go to the CEU website: http://ctl.ceu.hu/teaching-award