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Uganda: Energy and climate education on the governmental agenda

published 2 September 2011 updated 14 September 2011

Ugandan national authorities have launched an Energy and Climate Change awareness-raising campaign in schools to create an energy- and environment-conscious new generation.

The campaign, targeting students of primary, secondary and vocational levels, aims at raising awareness on sustainable energy and climate change, as well as making energy and climate change concepts easily understandable for the young students. It also promotes the use of efficient technologies and practices for sustainable energy and environment.

Uganda is among countries with the lowest access to modern energy services. It meets more than 90% of its energy demand with biomass, 6% with fossil fuel combustion and only 1% with electricity from conventional power plants.

EI welcomes this initiative on ‘green’ education, calling on authorities in Uganda to give national teachers adequate resources to ensure quality public education, including on environmental issues.

In a resolution entitled Education Unions Mobilising on Climate Change adopted by participants at its 6th World Congress, held 20-26 July 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa, EI notes:

“Members of national education unions have an important role to play in educating students about the causes and the effects of climate change, as well as the necessary structural changes for the transition to a low greenhouse-gas production and distribution systems. Additionnaly, they can also aid in implementing carbon emission reduction measures in education institutions, particularly in the more energy-use intensive higher education and research sectors.”

EI also reasserts its “support to global campaigns and initiatives by international trade union bodies and intergovernmental organisations to promote a transition to industries based on renewable energy produced at local level, creating environmentally and socially sustainable jobs with fair, equitable and just working conditions.”

To read the full resolution, please click here.

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