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EI recognised as champion of social rights

published 19 May 2010 updated 13 October 2022

EI is proud to have been awarded formal recognition by the Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter to lodge collective complaints of violations of the European Social Charter.

The decision to include EI among the select group of international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for a period of four years, with effect from 1 July 2010, was taken by the high level committee at its 121st meeting in Strasbourg in recognition of the impact EI has been having over a number of years.

Examples of EI’s intervention include the support it offered to the report submitted by its Georgian affiliate, ESFTUG, which alleged that articles of the national Labour Code were in conflict with the European Social Charter.

With this formal status EI is now encouraging even more teacher organisations to take up the opportunity to document violations under the European Social Charter, and to actively take part actively in the national assessment of labour and trade union rights record in their countries.

As the Global Union Federation representing educators worldwide EI will also benefit from participatory status in the Council of Europe and will take part in the annual plenary conference of the international NGOs, which approve the annual activities report of the Liaison Committee.

EI is active in both transversal committees and in three thematic committees: Culture, Science, and Education; Human Rights (covering human rights, economic rights, and the European Social Charter); as well as, Civil Society and Democracy. In these committee activities, EI focuses not only on specific education-related items but also on education and inter-cultural dialogue, education for citizenship, and democratic governance in schools. EI is also an observer on the Higher Education Steering Committee.

Please click on the links above for further information on the EI Trade Union Rights Manual and the European Committee of Social Rights.