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Global Action Week 2008: It is not too late to get involved!

published 14 March 2008 updated 14 March 2008

Global Action Week 2008 is almost upon us! In a little over a month, EI affiliates and national coalitions of the Global Campaign for Education will highlight the need for universal quality education.

Building on the progress of previous years, many teachers’ unions are cooperating in national coalitions to better deliver a highly visible and successful Global Action Week (GAW). It is not too late for the undecided to join the campaign and make it the most successful week of activism to date. This year’s advocacy is crucial as 2008 falls midpoint between the commitments made in 2000 and the target year for completion in 2015. We strongly encourage latecomers to participate and join their existing national Global Action Week coalitions.

The theme for this year is “Quality Education to End Exclusion.” About 72 million children are excluded from schooling and over 700 million adults are illiterate worldwide. Some are excluded due to disability or gender, others because of conflict in their countries, still more because of poverty or child labour. Whatever the reason, millions are being denied a fundamental human right - we can no longer passively accept this!

Part of our plan this year is to send as many politicians as possible back to school, and to involve so many people in teaching them about the need for quality education that we set a world record for the biggest lesson in history! Together, we are demanding that world leaders take urgent action to include all children. Developing countries must agree to implement long term education plans, and rich countries must support these plans and make much-needed resources available.

The World’s Biggest Lesson will take place on 23rd April 2008. Let’s make it a learning experience that children and adults around the world will never forget! You’ll find everything you need to organise your activities in a resource pack at: http://www.ei-ie.org/globalactionweek Depending on the availability of material, affiliates may still be able to receive assistance in support of their activities for the week. For more information, contact Alexandra Cogels, Alexandra.Cogels@ei-ie.org, as soon as possible. Remember, it is NOT too late to get involved!