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Korea: KFTA appoints new Secretary General

published 19 June 2006 updated 19 June 2006

EI affiliate the Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations (KFTA) have elected Mr. CHO Heung-Soon, their current Chief Director of Organisation Division, as new Secretary General following the end of term in office of former secretary general, Mr. Son In-Sik.

CHO Heung-Soon joined the KFTA as a high school teacher in 1984. He has worked in various departments of the union including the Organizational Network Department, Educational Policy Department, Public Relations Office, Policy Negotiation Department and the Educational Research Institute.

Upon his inauguration at the 84th Board of Representatives meeting, Mr. Cho said "The KFTA will do its utmost to be a leading teachers’ organisation by suggesting educational policy to realize its ‘Good Education, Good Teachers’ campaign rather than just dealing with current educational issues passively.

Especially, the KFTA will focus on developing and realising educational policies which people and students can trust."