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Global Action Week 2006: Meeting with Brazilian President Lula

published 28 April 2006 updated 9 July 2018

In Brazil, education personnel and activists join hands in a large-scale mobilisation for the goal of Education For All as part of Global Action Week - an international mobilisation taking place this week.

Apart from meeting with various parliamentarians, an EI delegation held a meeting with President Lula specifically about the country's endeavours towards Education For All. The delegation is headed by EI Executive Board member and CNTE (Brazil) President, Juçara Dutra, and EI Deputy General Secretary and President of the Executive Commitee of the Global Campaign For Education (GCE), Elie Jouen. In the meeting, President Lula reiterated Brazil's efforts to attain Education For All as a part of its fight against poverty. All events taking place in Brazil during the Global Action Week, including this meeting, are well-covered by the national press and television, to achieve substantial publicity on the importance of the Millenium Goal. Global Action Week is one of the major events in EI's campaign for the achievement of Education For All. Each year, hundreds of thousands of education personnel from all over the world mobilise to urge governments to fulfil their promise made at Dakar in 2000. This year, the theme of "Every Child needs a Teacher" further emphasizes the important role of teachers in education! EI believes that education is not about putting a child in a classroom, it is about providing the child with a qualified teacher. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.ei-ie.org/globalactionweek/